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The car was created during the invention of the first cars without horses, because they were equipped with a motor with source of energy while the other other cars, diligences, Calibrats Carts, carriages, wagons and other terrestrial vehicles were pulled by one or more horses (horse-drawn) or oxen. The term most commonly used in France to mean a car is voiture, much more rarely call auto. Almost never an automobile that appears as outdated. Because of its wide distribution and its use in the most varied environments, the automobile is today called by many names, familiar or slang like car, automobile, wheels as well as ride, van or machine. To be noted that char is the only term used in canadien French and it's not an Anglicism.

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For centuries, the man is interested in the means of transport. At first, the man is served by animals to move from one place to another. But he needed a more powerful means, which caused the invention of the wheel.

This invention was determining as it has allowed to build horse-drawn carts and coaches.

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This selection is for all those who are passionate about cars! Find the different models you would like to color in this section, all you have is to print them out and use your favorite coloring pencils to get great looks! & nbsp; The car is the popular abbreviation of & laquo; The Automobile & raquo; it has been in existence for centuries, thanks to the innovation that has evolved the world of transport as never imagined before.

In the past, everything was custom-made, from bodies that adapted to the frame, to storages or baggage stowed; the arranger for the first trips. And this invention of the cars created different professions : coachbuilder, wheelwrights, tacklers and painters etc.
Nevertheless, These first cars were inaccessible to most of the population. they have had to wait until the end of 1908, when Henry Ford began the production in series of the Ford T, which is boosted the automobile industry. Technical progress has made it possible not only to increase the speed of vehicles, but also to make them safer.

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Cars are above all a means of transport and there are nowadays all kinds of cars. Find cars to Color: Pick up, Auto Formula 1, BMW Hood, Police Auto, etc. ! Most characters and superheroes, whether in movies or cartoons, all have at least one car. Coloring a car drawing can be very fun! Choose your free car coloring to print and have fun!