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A motorcycle, more commonly designated by its motorcycle apocope, is a motorized, body-less, two-wheeled motor, most often single-track, that can be equipped with a sidecar. Invented in the nineteenth century at the same time as the first engines, the motorcycles today are divided into several types according to their uses: sports, road, any way, etc. The driver, called a biker or motorcyclist, sits astride the saddle, his hands are holding the handlebars and his feet are on footrests. A passenger may stand astride behind the driver if the motorcycle is designed for (saddle and footrest). When the vehicle is rather designed for the city (automatic box, flat floor, storage box, etc.), it is not designated as a motorcycle but as a scooter. Both types of vehicles (motorcycle and scooter) are grouped within the appellation motorized two-wheelers.

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