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Superman is another superhero of American comics who belongs to the fictitious world of the DC Universe. His appearance is singularly iconic: a uniform consisting of a blue, red and yellow leotard, tights, tight boots and a belt, with a cape.It has a drawing of an "S" red in colour on a yellow shield, on his torso. In the original story, our hero was born on a planet called Krypton under the name "Kal-El". When he was still a baby, he was placed in a cloak and then in a spaceship by scientist Jor-El who is also his father and Lara his mother, because their planet was threatened with global destruction. This ship left the planet Krypton just before the fatal explosion, and landed on Earth after a very long excursion. The little baby is rescued by a very gracious farmer and his wife in Samville, Kansas. Martha and Jonathan Kent, who have no children, make an important decision to adopt him and not to talk to anyone about his background. Kal-El is renamed "Clark Joseph Kent" and grew up surrounded by his adoptive family and friends Pete Ross and his first love Lana Lang. In his early teens, Clark asks about his adoption and his superhuman powers. The Kent family then decides to tell him the safety of his origins. He begins learning to master his abilities and continue his life in secret despite himself.

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