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The general organization of Super Sensai, taken over by the Power Rangers, is a group of young people, often five at the origin, who are called to fight evil creatures. They get full, similar outfits except for the shape of the helmet and the capital color of each suit. Their true identities are secret and they are referred to as "Ranger" followed by color (Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, etc.). The colors of the rangers are yellow, red, blue, and two others among black, green, white and pink. In general, pink and yellow are made for girls ranger. The leader is the red, being the strongest fighter, although his abilities are often equal to those of others (in recent seasons, it is becoming common for the Rangers to start with the same powers, then to give additional weapons to the Chief Ranger. ). When in a suit, a Power Ranger has increased melee skills and specific physical abilities that are a little higher than normal. However, in a few seasons, the Rangers also have the power to wear their costumes - super-speed, invisibility, etc. Since their weapons must be combined to be more powerful - handguns like Megazords - the Rangers must work together to fight the villains. This gives writers the opportunity to find several scenarios where the Rangers must succeed in regrouping after being forcibly parceled out by the enemy, while promoting a moral that is the importance of friendship and teamwork.

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