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Popeye is a susceptible, gruff young sailor who reacts ferociously when provoked, showing excessive resistance and physical strength that limits him to invulnerability. Not being well educated, he does not lack lucidity, but does not usually shine by his intellect and his very particular language is the proof. He does not manage to use verb tenses and people well and makes many mistakes in terms of syntax and vocabulary, and prefers simple and definitive expressions such as "I'm blown away!" "," Blow me down! "," gosh-darn it!! And his popular expression "I am what I am and that's what I am. However, Popeye is brave, close to the poor, loyal and even sentimental towards Olive Oyl. Although he wears a sailor outfit, and this is his real profession at his first appearance, Popeye quickly becomes a hero and a great adventurer who does everything: a boxer, a farmer, a journalist or a dictator enlightened . In cartoons, Popeye's consumption of spinach is only episodic, as he is naturally Herculean. He usually wears a red and black sailor's shirt with yellow buttons, a white cap, blue trousers and keeps a small corn pipe between his lips. Beyond his incredible strength, he is very far from being a model of true superheroes: he can not see properly and his over-muscled forearms with tattoo of an anchor on each; his chin is swollen, his elbows stand out and he walks like ducks.

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