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This is the story of a rat called Master Splinter who adopts and educates four turtles, and lives together in the sewers of New York City. After their exposure to a mutagen, all five were changed into anthropomorphic creatures of a more or less human size. After having been trained in the art of ninjutsu by their master Splinter, the four turtles fight against the various threats that the city encounters, be they mutants, criminals, aliens, other ninjas or sometimes even extraordinary creatures, all while keeping their existence secret. Each of the turtles is specialized in the use of a certain weapon in particular (the sai by Raphael, the Ninjatos by Leonardo, the nunchaku by Michelangelo and the bo by Donatello). The four heroes wear bandannas that are all red in the original comics version, but each turtle takes a unique color in the more recent versions (purple for Donatello, blue for Leonardo, orange for Michelangelo and red for Raphael). They love pizza, the essential meal of their diet. Cowabunga is their battle cry!

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