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A belligerent empire from outside the earth, Vega's forces, destroyed the far-off peaceful and advanced Euphor planet. Actarus, the Prince of Euphor, however, escaped this massacre by taking the fighting robot called Goldorak that can move through space with its carrying saucer. Refugeed on planet Earth, Actarus is adopted and treated by Professor Procyon, a humanist scientist and director of a space research center. However, Goldorak is placed in a hidden base under this center. Unlike the abominable humanoids of Vega, Actarus has a human appearance and masquerades as a resident of Earth. Thus, he occupies the position of stable boy at the White Birch Ranch, property of the angry old man Rigel. Weighing about 280 tons and almost 30 meters high, Goldorak is an android horned and humanoid. He is a machine with his own personality and driven from a driving position in his head just like a vehicle. He nevertheless seems to have a special and strong connection with Actarus, who sometimes gives him encouragement, and stops the hatred of his enemies as much as his driver. Goldorak is transported by a flying carrying saucer in which it fits in the open air and closes on him. When he uses his weapons or detaches himself from the saucer, Actarus, while operating his commands, screams the name of the maneuver, just like the Japanese wrestlers.

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