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What is the difference between karate and judo? Often, children are confused between the two when looking for coloring. Do you want to color a karate design to print? Go see in the other category of free coloring. Judo is, in fact, a sport very different from the rest of other martial arts. Judokas never stand far from each other's bodies. The kimono is called in this case a judogi. The carpet is called a tatami and the movements, kata. A dojo is the place where we practice this sport. The ancestor of judo is jiu-jitsu. We end the fight with a catch called ippon. There are junior and senior championships. Do you know that judo is an Olympic discipline? Eh yes. A judo grip is called throttling. In martial arts, we find kendo, taekwondo, aikido and sambo. We hope you find the drawings you are looking for and that you will enjoy coloring them.

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