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Football is a team sport that is played mainly by foot using a spherical ball. Two teams of 11 players each are opposed in a stadium, whether on a floor or grassy field. The objective of each team is to shoot the ball in the net of the opposing team, without using their arms, and to do it frequently, more than the other team. There is also American football which is also a team sport opposing 2 teams of 11 players, where the 2 teams alternate between attack and defense. The goal of the American version is to score points by throwing or carrying the ball to the end zone of the opposing team. To maintain possession, the attacking team must go through four attempts (called "down") at least ten yards. At the same time, the defending team must prevent the attacking team from reaching its goal to regain possession of the ball. If the attacking team is ten yards or more in possession, they will have four more attempts to keep going. Otherwise, the possession of the ball passes to the other team, and the roles (attack / defense) are reversed.

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