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What a simple pleasure to dance! Just to put any kind of music and to wiggle, jiggle, and improvise. No need to be a professional dancer to dance! There are many types of dance: capoeira, tango, hip-hop, flamenco, breakdance, salsa, clapper, kathak, and ballet. There is also acrobatic dance. There is no doubt that you already have in mind the colors to use to color our free printable dance drawings. Dance is an art, as is the harmonization of colors on coloring illustrations. Formerly, we danced the waltz in great balls. The choreographer is the one who creates the choreography in a festival, at the music hall or for shows at the theater. Sometimes artists also sing as in musicals. An interpreter on the stage mimics the emotions using choreographic movements. There are contemporary and other folk dances. We can easily see that we find for different tastes, as for our coloring to print. Color these illustrations and imagine yourself a great ballerina or a great break-dancer.

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