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Santa claus is a fabulous, mythical and archetypal person at Christmas. The main function of Santa claus is to distribute presents to little children in their homes during Christmas Eve, which takes place from December 24 to 25 of each year. Santa claus wears red clothes with a long white beard, black boots and a red cap too. He uses a red sled pulled by reindeers which are able to fly in the sky to travel on Christmas Eve and give gifts to assiduous children.

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Santa Claus, when you come down from the sky, with toys by the thousands, Do not forget my little shoe, Who hasn't sing this song ? & Raquo;

Santa Claus is the indispensable character at the celebration of the Christmas feast. Discover many coloring pages of the Santa Claus that you can color according to your desire by printing them for free!

Very popular among children, this folk and mythical character, linked to the feast of Christmas, appeared in its current representation, in the mid-nineteenth century in the West.

However, the deep roots of the celebration go back up to ancient rites and beliefs.

Santa Claus is represented like an old red man with a long white beard, black boots, a red cap and a red coat, whose main function is to distribute gifts to children in the houses during the night of the 24th of on December 25th of each year.

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The Christmas is always a magical and happy moment.The most famous character during this period of December is Santa Claus, he is one of the children's most prefered characters!

Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with the Mother Christmas, and when the date of December 24 arrives,Snata Claus leaves his snow-covered home and travels on his sled .pulled by reindeer flying in the sky late at night to leave all the gifts of the good children.

He succeeds to enter the houses through the chimney and put presents under the Christmas tree or in hanging socks. The children will discover in the early morning these gifts which fill them with joy.

According to the legend, the Bogeyman accompanies the Santa Claus and leaves at the door a handful of yords for children who have not been gentle .

On the menu this year, nothing but the various coloring pages of Santa Claus, on his slef, with his reindeer, his elves, carrying his bag, with gifts under the tree, with dora, & hellip; & to print for free & thinsp;!

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The Christmas is a beautiful festival, filled with pretty, fairy-tale images and lots of light. In addition to Santa Claus, the elves, reindeer, etc. All these characters who mark the beautiful story of this feast!

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