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Christian Feast, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Lutheran Church, and the Church of Ireland (Anglican). It was already celebrated by the Irish in the ninth and tenth centuries. With the strength of the observation of this tradition since that time, St. Patrick is bound to Ireland in the system of religious patronage, and this day of March 17 is now inscribed in the Catholic liturgical calendar since the early 1600s, thanks to the influence of Luke Wadding, a Franciscan scholastic monk born in Waterford. This St. Patrick's Day then became a holy day of obligation for the Catholics of Ireland. The feast always takes place during Lent. It is a tradition for some Christians observing a fast for Lent to break it for St. Patrick's Day. In the calendar of the Church, the observance of saints' feasts is avoided during certain solemnities, thus displacing the saint's day outside the period of observation. St. Patrick's Day is affected by this change, as March 17 is at the same time as Holy Week. That happened in 1940: St. Patrick's Day was observed on April 3 to avoid being at the same time with Palm Sunday, and again in 2008 when it was celebrated on March 14 rather than the 17th. -Patrick will not fall again during Holy Week before 2160.

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