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The end of a new year is a moment that we wait during the wholeyear. A fun moment as the time approaches midnight and that the count down starts. And at midnight, as the first seconds of the New Year's launch, a fireworks display illuminates the sky and people exchange their best wishes for the new year.

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The celebration of the new year is an annual occasion full of symbols and images. The images of the new year that come to our mind strengthens the spirit of joy and inspiration, as well as the promise of a new year that is prosperous and crowned with success.

It is an opportunity for the best wishes, the wonderful gifts offered and the beautiful decoration to prepare.

We are waiting for this magical moment to meet our friends, unite in our families and exchange greeting cards with those who are taking care of us.

Some people would like to go out and enjoy the fireworks, especially if you're in Paris, New York, Sydney, Time Square or Dubai. For others, there will be a feast at midnight o'clock when they will dance and exchange gifts. But what is common to all of us is the best things we do with our closest ones.

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Historically, the celebration of the new year dates back to almost 4000 years . In Babylon, It is claimed that the new year was celebrated for the first time for religious reasons.

Celebrating the new year is one of the oldest feasts that humankind is used to celebrate and do a special ritual to take advantage of this date.

Regardless of the cultural context, celebrating the new year is a great symbol for people who have specific traditions.

The feast of the new year is a symbol of the inspiring spirit. A promise for a better year. A happy ending of the previous year also when the family is reunited.

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