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Easter is an important event in Christian communities. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, taking place the second day after passion - also called "the third day" - in the New Testament. Each country follows its own traditions to celebrate Easter. The Germans and Alsatians decorate their house as Easter approaches. Children believe that Easter eggs are delivered by the famous Easter bunny. The various decorations and the chocolates often in the shape of rabbit, embellish apartments and shops. There are also Easter bouquets with colorful eggs and various objects. The gardens and the trees are also entitled to a multicolored ornament with the arrival of the spring season; rabbits and eggs grow everywhere. The Americans, Alsatians and Germans decorate hard-boiled eggs with felts or paint. In America, easter is also regarded as a kind of chocolate celebration since children and adults usually get chocolates in rabbit, egg and other imaginary characters.

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