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A clown is a comic individual that is usually found in circuses. The face of a clown disappears under the makeup and his clothes are very spectacular and fabulous. Clowns are traditionally divided into "white clowns" and "augustes". The serious white clown wearing a shimmering suit is, in appearance, authoritarian and dignified. He also wears the Pierrot lunar mask: the white makeup and only one eyebrow - rarely two - drawn on his forehead, which is called signature and reveals the character of the clown. The lips, ears and nostrils are made up in red. A fly, the reference to the awnings, is placed on the cheek or the chin. The white clown is elegant and more beautiful. Airy, malicious, sparkling and sometimes authoritarian, it highlights the august, argues. The august has a red nose, a make-up using white, red and black, a wig, odd clothes of "blinding" color, very wide shoes; he is totally rude, is part of all jokes. He waved the white clown and made the actions all the time, even though he had a lot of goodwill. The august must make a presentation in a number in which several accidents follow each other. His universe often comes into contact with the white clown who dominates him. Thefollower of the august and his exact opposite is called counter-pitre. "August of the august" is an awkward clown who understands nothing, forgets everything, and whose actions end in disaster, thus raising laughter.

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