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Violetta is a talented, quiet and shy girl, fifteen years old in the first season and seventeen in the third season. She has a wonderful voice that she inherited from her mother Maria, a well-known singer who died when she was on tour, while Violetta was only 5 years old. Overprotected by her dad, Violetta wishes to find happiness on her arrival in her hometown, Buenos Aires. Without informing her father, she is accepted into a very popular arts school, a different life is offered to the young woman. She discovers the burst of love and friendship but also horrible secrets about her own family.

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Violetta is the main character in one of Disney's TV series. Very intelligent and talented, this girl is full of life who just wants to find her own place in the world. She is shy and attentive and confides all her little secrets in her diary.

Since the death of his mother, her father German never speaks of her for fear that she follows the same way as her genetor. Overprotective, he never left his daughter maintain a relationship other than with the staff members. He also refuses to talk about his family or to give her information about it and by so he passes Violetta for non-existent to his maternal family.

After having seen her father's professional travels, Violetta returns to her hometown, Buenos Aires. Her father then hires a private teacher, Angeles, who thanks to her , Violetta could free herself from her vocation. Germain will later discover the true identity of Angeles who is no other than the aunt of his daughter. He tries to kill the two women but in vain.

In Buenos Aires, Violetta is starting to make friends, including two boys Tomas and Leon, who fall in love with her. Without realizing it, she finds herself in a love triangle that she struggles with; to decide who she really likes between Tomas and Leon, her first love and her first kiss.

After discovering her passion for music, Violetta wants to sing for the rest of her life. But she knows very well that her father would not accept it. Out of fear, she hides everything from him and prefers to read the journal of her mother to feel closer to her. She realizes she has a lot in common with her, including her love of music. She begins however; attend Studio 21.

German, his father, will learn that Violetta secretly goes to Studio 21 and therefore decides to move her out of the place until he listens to a Violetta's song on an MP3, put in his bag by Angeles. Germain realizes that he has been deceived. and he finally accepts his daughter's passion for music and accompanies her in her show. After that, Angeles married Germain the pigeon of Violetta.