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Megamind the super-villain is the rival of Metroman, the superhero of Metro City. He wants to dominate the city and is ready to do anything to achieve his goal. But Metroman puts, all the time, all the plans of the villain to conquer Metro City in failure. Despite the huge number of defeats, he never gives up and continues to fight against his rival. Once, Megamind manages to exterminate Metroman and thus conquer the city. Nevertheless, he is unmotivated by the "death" of Metroman and he realizes that a villain requires a hero to feel his existence and have goals in life. In order to correct his mistake, he decides to take a sample of Metroman's DNA for use on a guinea pig. The latter is Hal Stewart who will benefit from the powers of Metroman and who will be called Titan. Unfortunately, Titan prefers to be a super villain and enjoys ransacking the city. Megamind decides to do good and face his creation Titan, which he neutralizes with many obstacles.

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