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Of all the decorations for the family, candles are one of the funniest and most enjoyable activities you would like to do during the Christmas.

Participate in the creation of beautiful candles, use them to decore the tree and place them in the middle of an Advent wreath provides a warm atmosphere during the Christmas.

Do you like to lit Christmas candles or to decorate your Christmas tree? Do you know the symbolism of Christmas candles?

Undoubtedly, the christmas is the season of lights and the christmas candles have always been in the heart of the lighting of the New Year's season.

In fact, there are several reasons for the connection between candles and Christmas, although no definite reason is mentioned in the history book.

First of all, during the winter solstice celebrations, they were used as a way to remind that spring was coming soon.

One of the first testimonials on the use of candles goes back to the Middle Ages, where a large candle represents the star of Bethleheman. Jesus is sometimes called & laquo; the light of the world & raquo; by christians. It could have started the custom of advent wreath and advent candles.

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Today, there are several common uses of christmas candles. Historically, the Christmas candle is a large candle lit on the eve of Christmas to be burned all night long. It sylbolises Jesus generally known as "The Light of the World", but may also symbolizes the star of Bethleheman. In some countries, people place the Christmas candle in the middle of an Advent wreath surrounded by four candles. The four candles must be smaller than the main one.

Each week, each candle is lit up; No, then the big Christmas candle is lit on the eve of Christmas.

The candles were also used Originally to decorate the christmas trees until the safer electric lamps have benn invented and changed them today!

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