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The family of squirrels is called Sciuridae and includes animals like heliosciures, funisciures, chipmunks and even rats. Squirrels generally have the same characteristics as rodents of the family Sciuridae, or for some flying squirrels that of Anomaluridae, with different shades for each genus. The general characteristics of squirrels are those of rodents of the family Sciuridae, or Anomaluridae for some flying squirrels, with shades for each species. There are approximately 264 species worldwide, of which 31.5% are flying, 12.5% ​​are terrestrial and 56% are arboreal. They are indeed everywhere, with the exception of a few islands and archipelagos, of the southern tip of America and Australia, as well as part of North-East Africa and an areas of Middle East. Their size varies from 90 cm for Asian giant squirrels to 13 cm for pygmy African squirrels.

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