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Bees are vegetarian insects, hymenoptera and foragers. Butiner means "steal of flowers" This is how bees harvest from nature propolis, nectar, pollen and honeydew. By foraging, the bee also ensures pollination (the transport of pollen) that allows the reproduction of plants. Bees are distinguished from bumble bees because of their size: the second ones are similar in their habits but rounder and often larger. On the other hand, wasps are thin, often less hairy, and their larvae are not vegetarian. Thus, bees are often given to species whose appearance is similar to that of flies or to the coloring of mosquito . However, bees can easily be distinguished from house flies because they have four wings joined in pairs, including hoverflies, dipteres that are also pollinators and have a worm-like appearance of the wasp and sometimes the hairier one of the bees. . Although the bee first appeared before the man 45 million years ago, it is the oldest friend of this one! For centuries, humans have become aware of the interest of protecting bees, their housing and even their breeding or, simply, to observe these fascinating creatures. In addition to their ecosystem functions, bees have a very important economic function.

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