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She is a little fairy with very singular traits. She is in love with Peter Pan and can not stand that he is interested in female subjects, and is not even looking at her. Yet Peter, who is a charmer, does not miss an opportunity to impress Wendy, which irritates Tinkerbell extremely. She is sometimes naughty, sometimes kind and she is so small that she has no room for many feelings at once. However, Tinkerbell is very capable of playing tricks. Tinkerbell life in a niche built into a wall, a little wider than a bird cage. It is separated from the rest of the room by a curtain so light and is furnished with beautiful carpets, furniture and a candlestick that give the whole an old and pretentious look. Tinkerbell is sensitive and fragile. Thanks to a magic powder, Clochette, Peter, Darling children and Lost Boys can fly.

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