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This nice Big Giant is very different from other inhabitants of the Land of Giants. More than 7 meters tall, this one has big ears and a very developed sense of smell. He is a very shy and not very clever giant, but he is however very adorable.He is much less frightening than other giants, such as the Blood Drinker and the Fresh-flesh Swallower, whose name makes them shudder. While his fellow companions eat humans, the big fat giant, by far, prefers schnockrus and the raspberry. In this story, a little girl named Sophie, who is about ten years old and comes from London, will be frightened by this good big giant. However, she will understand quickly that this one is very nice. Then she will ask him a lot of questions to know more about his life among the other giants. He brings her with him to Dreamland, where he catches dreams and sends them to children. He will make Sophie discover the magic and mystery of dreams. However, the presence of little Sophie in the Land of the Giants will attract the attention of other giants. Sophie and the BGG will then leave the Land of the Giants to warn the Queen of England in London of the danger that the giants represent.

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