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Ariel is an imaginary character who made her appearance for the first time in an animated feature called The Little Mermaid. The princess was inspired by the fictional character The Little Mermaid written by Hans Christian Andersen. The character of Ariel appears in a series of films: The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Ocean in 2000 and The Secret of the Little Mermaid in 2008 and a television series, The Little Mermaid. In the 1989 film, Princess Ariel is the youngest of seven daughters of Triton, the King of the Sea. She is 16 years old and is portrayed as brave and astonished by the earthly world, a passion that shocks the king who claims that the Umbers never have the right to come into contact with the world of humans. Dummy is a fish and is the best friend of the mermaid in the movie. She creates such a close relationship with a crab called Sebastian, the faithful right hand of the king of the sea. Ariel recovers various objects from the human world and keeps them in a cave, in secret, where she puts all her collection. During the movie, Ariel saves Prince Eric from death and falls madly in love with him. After a violent discussion with her dad, she visits Ursula, the witch of all the seas, and asks her for human legs against her will for 3 days in order to get an opportunity to win the love of Éric. Ariel almost succeeds in getting the "real kiss of love," but Ursula has stopped her using his despicable method. When the three-day period is over, Ariel returns to her original mermaid form. Her father Triton must then give up his throne and crown the witch Ursula to save his daughter. Eric, in the ensuing battle, kills Ursula and Triton regains his throne. When the animation film ends, Ariel has become a human forever, by the help of King Triton. She ends up marrying Prince Eric.

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