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In 1607, an English ship carrying settlers from the Virginia Company went to North America to find gold and other riches. On board the ship, the leaders are Governor John Ratcliffe and Captain John Smith. When a tornado breaks out, Smith saves the life of Thomas who is an inexperienced settler and so goes overboard. On this "New World", Pocahontas, Powhatan's daughter, learns that her father wants to force her to marry Kocoum, one of the best warriors of the tribe. Pocahontas does not like this idea of ​​marriage at all, because she finds this Kocoum too serious and too harsh. She asks the opinion of the spirit of a tree called Grandmother Foliage. She advises Pocahontas to listen to what his heart tells her. British settlers arrive in Virginia and Ratcliffe orders his men to dig in order to find gold. John Smith begins to explore the territory and it is at this moment that he meets Pocahontas. Spending some time together, young Pocahontas teaches Smith to look at their world in a different way and not see his people as "savages". At the British camp, the English and Powhatan warriors clash, causing the injury of one of the Indians. These fall back; Powhatan consider white men as a danger to his people and no one should approach them. A few days later, Pocahontas and John meet again, and the boy learns that there is no gold in the country. They decide to meet again before Grandmother Foliage in a clearing that night. When she returns home, the young Pocahontas learns that the warriors of the neighboring territories have arrived to support Powhatan in his fight against the white settlers. John, on returning to the English camp, tells Ratcliffe that there is no gold in the land of the Amerindians. The governor does not believe it, thinking that the natives hid it in order to preserve it for themselves.

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