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Mickey Mouse is an imaginary character who is part of the Disney universe. He appears mainly in cartoons, video games and comics. Mickey is a true ambassador of Walt Disney and is present in most of the business sectors of the famous company, as the television, animation, consumer products or amusement parks. Mickey is used as a vector of communication and his qualities must respect the morality followed by "Disney", whether by the company or by Walt himself. Mickey Mouse is a mouse known and recognized by the world. The famous Mickey silhouette formed of three circles has even become inseparable from the Disney brand.

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Known worldwide for generations, Mickey is the most famous mouse in the world. This fictional character owned the Disney universe, is a true ambassador of the Walt Disney, known for its charm, kindness and shyness. It appears mainly in cartoons, comic strips, video games and, also, in coloring drawings.

Mickey mouse is the first animated cartoon character to speak. This mouse was drawn by Walt Disney during a train trip, he called it Mortimer. It is Mrs. Disney who finds the name of Mortimer too imposing, pretentious and snobbish, and suggests to him Mickey Mouse.

At the beginning Mickey Mouse was innocent, lively and malicious , with a falsetto track, just like Charlie Chaplin, the character that inspired Walt Disney. It is therefore natural that he tackles to double the character.

Then, he decided to change his Mickey Mouse by redrawing it and the mouse becomes charming, quiet and friendly, with ears that has no longer circles. It has, however, kept his holdings with two buttons and he wears gloves. His eyes have become smaller, his arms and legs are longer and his tail has shortened.

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Relive all the adventures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie and all their band of friendly friends, by printing these colorings for free. & nbsp; The little black comics mouse called Mickey lives adventures in the company of his Pluto dog, his friend Goofy and his chieftain Minnie. Mickey and Minnie love to travel and have extraordinary adventures all over the world. Despite their love, they never married, however, and never lived. together.

Like her lover, Minnie is more and more wise and calm, softened by her apparitions. Thanks to their sympathetic nature and to their charm, they are simply seductive and their love is great to crack many fans around the world. These two characters make it clear to children that nothing is more important than mutual love.

Dedicated to their first appearance in the movie, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were all in one, that pretty duet that we all know. They rocked the childhood of many kids; around the world, and it is far from over. Because, these timeless mice, are real heroes who continue to charm children with a message full of wisdom.

Mickey and Minnie have a lot of things in common, and also friends who are Goofy and Pluto. Dingo is one of Mickey's best friends, his main characteristics are his great clumsiness and carelessness. Unlike his friends, Pluto does not speak and walks on four legs . He is the most faithful companion of Mickey!