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She is an autonomous and intelligent person. She is also energetic and follows the desires of her heart. Princess Jasmine endured a confined life in the palace and suffocated under the supervision of the sultan, her father. A few days before she turns sixteen, the day she is forced by law to choose a suitor, she decides to flee and takes refuge in the market. During her argument with a trader, Aladdin helps her get out of this bad situation. It is at this moment that a beautiful love story begins and which will have for goal, after having the blessing of the sultan, to reunite the beautiful princess and the poor thief. She always wears the same costume that she wore during the series and the first film: it is a blue bedlah suit, consisting of a top leaving her belly and bare forearms and pants wide and fluffy, not to mention her gold-colored babouches and copper earrings. She also wears a blue banner with a sapphire in the center.

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