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The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, frequently abbreviated as Alice in Wonderland, is primarily a novel written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll, pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.This book was transcribed in French for the first time in 1869 by the same publishing house named Macmillan and Co. When it was originally written, the book was not really for children. The rewriting was repeated but this time, intended for children while retaining the wonderful characters that made it so attractive for its young audience. The novel is filled with satirical allusions to the writer's friends and the lessons that British school children had to memorize continuously at the time. As described in the tale, Wonderland constantly plays with logic. The book also has a sequel titled On the other side of the mirror. The various films from this novel often combine elements of both books. Today, the book remains popular with its audience, whether children or adults. The American writer Martin Gardner has published The Annotated Alice, which has not been translated into French, which includes these 2 novels Alice in Wonderland and The other side of the mirror accompanied by Victorian poems that Lewis Carroll parodia in the body of the text.

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