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Jesus of Nazareth, probably born between the 7th year and the 5th year 5 BC, was a Jew from Galilee. Before engaging in a short sermon itinerant career (two and a half of practice healings and exorcisms often in Galilee), Jesus appears in the circle of Jean the Baptist, is surrounded by few followers. He arouses fervor and enthusiasm and attracts mistrust of religious and political authorities, to finally be arrested and crucified in Jerusalem around the year 30, during the feast of Passover, under the authority of the prefect Pontius Pilate. The announcement of the resurrection of Jesus by his disciples, who recognize him as Christ or the Messiah and pass on his teachings and history, gives birth to the religion of Christianity. Christians regard Jesus Christ as the Messiah announced in the Old Testament and the son of God; he is sent to humans to save them. In Islam, Jesus is called "Issa" and is one of the prophets of God on Earth.

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