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Angels exist and are just above us, but they are invisible. Except in some opportunities, we can see them everywhere. It is especially during the Christmas season and the day of Valentine's Day that they come down to earth to invade us. Fortunately, the coloring of Christmas angels allows you to find them throughout the year! & Nbsp;

Do you remember when you place your Christmas angel on your Christmas tree? How do you feel during this activity?

Enjoying our Christmas Tree with Christmas Angels is a family tradition that goes back to the past. several seats. It is an adorable activity that brings family together and remembers fervor and spirituality of the christmas.

Above Christmas tree, the usual appearance of Christmas angels represents a symbolic role for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

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Religiously, Gabriel, the archangel of the re-enactment was the one who said to Mary, that she would give birth to Jesus . An angel visited Joseph for the purpose of telling him about Jesus. He also told him that he would serve as a Jesus Father. In other verses of the Bible, angels appeared in the sky over Bethlehem to celebrate and announce the birth of Jesus. The appearance of these angels is related to Christmas & nbsp; since the birth of Jesus was marked by their role in announcing, celebrating and protecting the birth of Jesus on Earth. In addition, this provides another explanation on why Christmas angels & nbsp; are placed above Fir tree, symbol of their descent from the sky to the earth & agrave; the birth of Jesus.

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Not only families invite the angels of Christmas for the religious perspective, but also for the cultural activity . The christmas angels are beautiful to decorate, symbolic to remember but also important to reunite the whole family around a business activity. fun, active and educational.

You can notice the Christmas angels on the tree but also on the Christmas gifts. They remind us of the value of the gathering and the importance of love to those we care for. Above all, it connects us; the spirit of Christmas; the feast we are celebrating together.

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