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Wario's size is a little bigger than Mario's. He is also much bigger. Its dark pink nose is reminiscent of a clove of garlic. His pointed ears and his mustache, each side of which forms a sort of letter W for Wario. He wears a yellow shirt and light purple overalls with buttons. He has a yellow cap with a blue "W" on it, as well as green shoes. His style has changed in WarioWare games in recent years. He now wears a yellow helmet, embellished with a red band in the middle, with a W blue on the front and motorcycle goggles. He never ties the straps of his helmet. He is wearing two yellow leather gloves, a torn denim jacket, a dark blue T-shirt, and his pink trousers with the red belt. It has the same slippers as in the classic version, but they are purple.

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