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Inside Out, Quebec's Up and Down is an animated feature film by Disney and Pixar. When young Riley left her hometown to settle in San Francisco, because of her father's job. She tries to get used to this new situation, guided by her five emotions: Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness and Disgust. It is from the Riley consciousness control center called cerebral area, that her five emotions advise and guide her in life every day from morning to evening. However, Joy and Sadness, struggling about a memory (these are symbolized by small balls with different colors depending on the type of emotions they represent: violets for Fear, yellow for Joy, red for Anger, blue for Sadness and green for Disgust) are accidentally eliminated from the cerebral area leaving young Riley between the rebellious conduct of Anger and Disgust and the pessimistic attitude of Fear. This is where Joy and Sadness go through the immensity of Riley's consciousness to protect her from chaos while the other three emotions drop into disagreement. So an idea is rooted in Riley's consciousness by Anger: flee by stealing money from her mother, and take a bus back to Minnesota. After several events, Sadness and Joy manages to regain control of the Cerebral District with difficulty in order to bring back the balance in the consciousness of the girl before she realizes her escape plan so that everything returns to normal as before.

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