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Toy Story discusses the story of several toys that become alive when there are no more humans next door; Woody, a toy representing a cowboy, and Buzz lightning, a doll in the form of astronaut, are part of it. These toys begin to live their own lives as soon as the child, little Andy, gets out of his room. Each of the toys is afraid of being changed by a brand new toy on their little master's birthday, days before the family moves panic begins. Cowboy Woody is the favorite of the young child and so does not embark on this party. Finally, Andy receives an articulated astronaut toy, whose name is Buzz Lightning. It turns out that Woody is no longer the favorite toy, and that Buzz occupies this position. He tries to welcome Buzz into Andy's toy community, but the astronaut does not know that he's just a toy. He also thinks he can fly, which Woody contradicts. After one demonstration in front of the other toys, they glorify him, except Woody, who sees his realization rather like a fall.

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