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In prehistoric times, Eep the heroine of history, is the eldest daughter of a family of cavemen hunting for food. This family is called Croods. This family is one of the few to survive thanks to several strict rules that daddy Grug overprotective imposes to protect his family.Every night in their cave, he tells a story to the family, which involves his wife Ugga, his daughter Sandy , his son Thunk and his mother-in-law Gran. He continually recounts the situation of a character reflecting the curious nature of Eep to warn them that the exploration of "new things" is a threat to their survival, and says "Never be afraid! ". Fear is their best friend. It annoys Eep who is bored of never being able to leave the cave and who dreams of discovering the world. While the Croods family sleeps, seeing a light moving outside, Eep leaves the cave in the middle of the night, without anyone noticing. In search of the source of the light, she meets Guy (pronounced " Gai "), a young nomad. She begins by attacking it, but soon becomes fascinated by what she believes to be the sun, which is actually fire. He tells her about his theory that the world is at its "end" and asks them to go with him on an adventure. She refuses and Guy leaves her with a seashell that will allow her to call him if she needs help.Eep is then surprised by Grug gone looking for her who decides to punish her for leaving the cave. Bringing her home at daybreak, the rest of the family joins them. Eep then tells them about her meeting with Guy and shows them the shell that he gave her by blowing in it. But the Croods destroy it immediately, they fear the "new things". While her father decides to deprive her of freedom for the rest of her life, an earthquake occurs and a great adventure, for the whole family Croods and Guy, begins by going in search of the light ...

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