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This series takes place in the fictional City-State of Crete Suzette, this name based on the pancake dish. It is a very small port city protected by large cliffs, not to say giant, through which a single small opening is present and it is through this that transits the fluvial and air traffic. The opening in the cliff is well guarded by anti-aircraft artillery, which prevents flying invaders or hijackers from storming the city. The characters in the Super Baloo universe are Anthropomorphic animals, some of them from _Jungle_Book_ characters (movie, _1967) The time frame of this series is not really discussed, but it seems to be between the middle and the Late 1930s.In a certain episode, Baloo indicates that the First World War, The Great Wars was over 20 years ago ", suggesting that the series is happening in 1938. As Broadcasting is the mass media , and in one episode it is even briefly alluded to the fact that our heroes had never even heard of television.Discover coloring of this hectic series broadcast during the 1980s.

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