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This is the story of a little girl who is very pretty and whose mother and grandmother love. Her grandmother decides to make her a little red hat that suits het very well. So, everyone calls the little girl, "Little Red Riding Hood". One day, her mother sends her to her grandmother who is sick. She asks her to bring the poor woman a cake with butter to comfort her. On her way, the little girl meets the Wolf. The wolf wants to devour it but must find another solution because loggers work in the wood. Unfortunately, Little Red Riding Hood does not know that wolves are dangerous. She reveals to the wolf that she goes to her grandmother and also tells him where she lives. The Wolf runs at full speed to arrive first. He poses as Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother let him in. He eats her immediately, he puts on her clothes and takes her place in her bed. Little Red Riding Hood finally arrives. She finds that her grandmother has changed and asks some questions but the Wolf is too fast and finally, he devours her.

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