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Real world animals are missing in the Pokemon universe. The latter is populated with Pokemon beings who live in harmony with humans, but have skills almost impossible to observe in animals of the real world, such as Charizard who can spit fire, or produce huge amounts of electricity, like Magneti. Each kind of Pokemon has its own name, which can be used at the same time to talk about a certain Pokemon individually or all Pokemon that are part of the same type. There are 18 types of Pokemon. Each Pokemon has one or two styles that conditions majority of his attacks and defines his weaknesses and strengths vis-à-vis other types, organized just like the stone-sheet-scissors system to balance the fighting. The evolution of a Pokemon is its transformation into a new kind after reaching a certain level of experience or even more complex criteria (objects, exchange, etc.); this usually gives them better fighting skills and sometimes a new type. In general, a basic Pokemon can evolve in maximum of two times.

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