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Pikachu is a Pokemon described as a mouse. It is a small rodent about thirty centimeters and six kilograms, with a little round body, short small legs and a tail as long as his body. Its short fur is yellow-orange-or bright yellow, with the exception of the two brown dorsal stripes and the black end of its long ears; he also has a small red disc on each of his cheeks. Its tail takes the form of a flash and at the end of which the females have a V-shaped notch, evoking the appearance of a heart. He is often bipedal. Like almost all Pokemon, he can not speak; in the animated series, he manages to communicate thanks to the repetition of syllables of his name with different tones. Pikachu is an electric-type Pokémon: it is able to generate electricity of changing intensity, which can reach the power of lightning thanks to pockets placed on his cheeks, identified thanks to the red disks that embellish them. They are useful to him to defend himself, to soften the fruits that are not mature enough or to give energy to another weak and unloaded Pikachu.

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