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Sensei Wu is the old survivor of the first snake war and is a ninjutsu master. He has four gold weapons - we will learn that the first Spinjitzu master entrusted them to the father of Kai and Nya, who handed them over to Wu after his death. His first pupil is Cole - we will then know that Wu had another disciple before him, Moro - to whom he entrusts the false earth. Wu then met Jay, blue ninja and master of lightning, and Zane, white ninja and titanium also known as master of the ice. Wu finally found Kai, a red ninja and fire master, and his sister Nya, first samurai X and then ninja and finally master of water. Their mission is to fight many evil enemies like the serpentine tribes, Garmadon, Digital Overlord, Chen, and Moro, to save Ninjago.

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You like the story of ninjas, all you have left is to make beautiful coloring pictures of your prefered heroes. You will be able to find on this site, many other colorings of the different seasons of Ninjago free and print them later. These Ninjago coloring pages allow you to develop your drawing skills, take care of children's afternoons and develop their creative minds.

In an Asian-inspired world is Ninjago City. This city must be saved by heoric ninjas and each one of them is a well-defined one. Beginning with the master Sensei Wu, the youngest son of the first master of spinjitzu. Master of Gold, he acquired his power after the death of his father the master of Spinjitzu and he is also a former survivor. of the first snake war.

His students are : Kai the master of the fire, he represents the red Ninja dressed and persistent, he is guarded. his cold blood even in the most critical moments. His fetid weapon is the sword. The fastest character is Jay, who is the master of the lightning, in addition to being the most pleasant of the troop he is also the most fearful. His weapon is the fire. he is a pair of nunchakus. Zane is the white ninja, he possesses the power of the ice, he is the smartest of all and he always walks with his bird that spies for him. Cole is endowed with a lot of rigor of a calm temperament, he masters the power of the earth.

The last two recruits are: Lloyd the green ninja nephew of Sensei Wu, he possesses in himself only the powers of fire, earth, lightning and ice and the power of gold . And Nya, the only girl in the group, she is Kai's little sister, and she is a girl. Strong personality, she is also the mistress of water.

There are as many other characters as Misako the mistress of Lloyd from whom she abandoned. as a soldier, with the aim of finding a way to fight against the master of evil and thwart the return of the enemy over lord to Ninjago.

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During their adventure, His young ninjas will learn and master the Spinjitzu which is a kind of fighting technique giving magical forces. To get Ninjago out of the clutches of evil servants. These heroes , however, were endowed with a fire armor to be able to win all the fights against the various enemies whose main opponent is Garmadon the father of Lloyd and also the brother of the master Sensei wu. Bitten by the great snake as a child, he has evil in him and possesses also evil power.