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14-year-old girl, Kilari Tsukishima is quite gluttonous and much determined. One day on her way home from college, she succeeds to save a turtle belonging to a boy of her age, named Seiji Hiwatari, from which she falls in love immediately. Kilari then finds out that Seiji is one of the singers of the famous duo ships. To see him again, she decides to enter the world of the show to become an idol singer. Despite many obstacles and with the help of her little cat Na-San as well as her friends, she succeeds to have a place as an artist. But over the episodes, Kilari realizes that her feelings towards Seiji are not what they seem to be. On the other hand, she will become very close with Hiroto Kazama. The series continues and the career of Kilari evolves same like her feelings for Hiroto.

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