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The leader of the Alliance, Keni Nakamura, discovered a portal on the world of Invizimals. He recruits three brave schoolboys, Hiro, Sam and Lima to unravel its mysteries. The children discover that they can turn into Invizimals and join the creatures in their fight against an army of evil robots called Xtractors. The Invizimals are numerous and each of them has its own personality and has specific combat techniques. The Invizimals are made of pure energy that emits light invisible to the naked eye. They are immortal creatures that do not age. When their energy runs out, they disappear. The Invizimals are from eight different places in the world: Volcano, ocean, desert, jungle, Glacier, rock, air and metal. They evolve by consuming sparks of energy. A Pup becomes a Colt and finally a Invizimal Max. They grow and strengthen at every stage of their evolution.

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