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Hello Kitty (real name Kitty White) was born on November 1st in London. She weighs the equivalent of five apples but, has a big heart. She is also close to her twin sister Mimmy. She loves to cook cookies to perfection, loves to collect cute things, and has a certain preference for English language, music and art. Hello Kitty is a member of a large family, all members of which are called White.

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What's better than coloring a Disney drawing page, Ninjago, Mario Bros, Pat patrol, Hello Kitty, or a super-hen.

Hello Kitty is one of the many characters created by the Japanese Sanrio company since the 1970s in Japan. She is one of the most adored characters of little girls in the world, with her sweet pink universe.

This character is portrayed in Japanese popular culture, and she continues as much; to be adored by girls all over the world despite the years!

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Hello Kitty is a true Phenomenon that has almost invaded the world. Choose your favorite Hello Kitty and print it to bring it to life with your coloring pencils!

Characterized by her great heart, Hello Kitty is grateful for her white coat. This adorable little kitten is represented in a very simplified way: without a mouth, with a yellow nose, two eyes, a pretty ribbon of bright pink color on the left ear and three mustache hairs of each part of the head.

Originally, it was aimed primarily at a public of children, and soon became a phenomenon known to all people today. Its accessories (Hello Kitty) are popular and accessible to all ages.

More than just a character for kids, the Hello Kitty logo illuminates a wide range of products: bed linens, toys, sofas, purses, stickers or pens, chairs visors or other high-tech products, clothing, & hellip; and even Hello Kitty cars.

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Hello Kitty lives in London, England, with her mother Mary White, his father George, and his twin sister Mimmy, who is her most closer.

Mimmy also wears a knot, but on her right ear unlike Hello Kitty, which makes it possible to distinguish between them . The two kittens often go for a walk and live extraordinary adventures.

Hello Kitty is a member of a large family whose members are all called White. Including his grandfather who is a painter very talented.

Hello Kitty loves to do cycling, collect cute things like kawaii items, travel, read or listen to music, and cook (she cooks cookies for her friends).

The little cat finds herself in a lot of different situations,during the Christmas , Halloween, her birthday, in the beach, in the kitchen, as a little princess, dancer, magician, or even in gothic.

By browsing these pages, you will find the adorable little cat with her twin sister Mimmy, or her friend Cathy.

Print your pretty designs! Coloring Hello Kitty, Then take your most beautiful color pencils and find them again! with her many friends, Tim, Tammy, Fifi, Mory, Cathy, Rory, Jodie, Tippy, Joey and Tiny Boyfriend who love to make Christmas! Have fun all!