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Kayley was born out of the union between Lady Juliana and Sir Lionel, one of the Knights of the round Table who was killed ten years earlier defending King Arthur in a confrontation against Sir Rubber, another knight greedy for power. Sir Rubber has always dreamed of seizing Excalibur, the King's Magic Sword in order to establish his power over the kingdom. So he sends his Griffin to steal Excalibur, but this one loses it while flying. Rubber changes his plans and then decides to take Kayley's mother hostage, and uses her to infiltrate Camelot. He thus wishes to defeat the King, now deprived of his invulnerable weapon, and take his place. Kayley goes her side in search of Excalibur, and during her long journey, she will meet real friends: The Blind hermit Gareth, and the Siamese Dragons Devon and Cornwall.

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