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Barbie is a 29 cm mannequin doll marketed by Mattel, an American toy and gaming company. Created in 1959 by an American businesswoman named Ruth Handler, Barbie was inspired by a German model doll of the years 1950: the Bild Lilli. Ruth Handler revolutionized the toy industry in 1959 by creating the Barbie doll, named after her daughter Barbara, and the Ken doll named after her son Kenneth. Barbie is always very chic with her dresses and accessories.

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There are not many girls who are not enchanted by the world of the Barbie doll. These dolls are eternal young and always resplendent despite their age.

Barbie dolls have been around since 1959 and are known to be famous around the world.

For several generations, Barbie has still the character prefered by Little girls who love to play with Barbie dolls.

This doll, is of American origin, her creator Ruth Handler had noticed that her daughter Barbara would play with paper dolls and give them adult rites, rather than playing with infants.

So when going on a trip with her children, Ruth met a German doll called Lilli in the shop window of a shop in Switzerland. She bought it for her daughter so she can play.

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Back in California, Ruth goes to work. She creates Barbie (named after her daughter Barbara) who looks exactly like her. the German Lilli. And the production of the Barbie doll was launched in Japan.

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The success of this doll around the world caused her to live many adventures and more and more incredible changes to become an emblematic figure and for many people an example to follow.

With her bright smile and her ever-glamorous look, her taste for fashion, but also her sense of friendship, Barbie has been able to seduce and to get more charm.

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Barbie is very beautiful, her character so well known always as an icon of fashion, good taste and a perfect presentation. She represents kindness and friendship. and she is always caring with her family.

Around her, there is a whole universe, with her fiancé, Ken, but also skipper, her little sister, she also has many great friends, including Midge, Stacey, Diva, Kayla, Kira, Nia.

Barbie is an independent and hardworking woman who has a variety of backgrounds and professions such as: doctor, teacher, jockey, veterinarian, air surgeon, surgeon and even an astronaut.

The success of Barbie's coloring is unsurprising, as this doll is a well-known heroine for adults and children around the world.
< br /> Even though the features of the Barbie doll at the very beginning were blond with long hair, she has considerably varied for many years. There is currently a Barbie for nearly all ethnic groups in the world.

Through our different drawings to color, you will find Barbie and her prince Ken, in evening dress, at the beach, with his horse, & hellip;