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This film is inspired by a story from Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe. It stages cats designated as heirs by an old Parisian lady. The latter is in conflict with her butler who wants to benefit alone and as soon as possible from this legacy. In 1910 in Paris, a cat named Duchesse lives with her three kittens, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz, in the home of a former opera singer, Adelaide Bonnefamille. This rich old lady resolves to change her will with the help of her lawyer and old friend, Georges Hautecourt: she now bequeaths all her fortune to her cats and stipulates that her fortune will belong to them until their death then go to the butler of the house, Edgar. The latter learns the news by chance thanks to an acoustic tube that connects his room to the room where Madam Bonnefamille and her lawyer are. Much frustrated to go after the cats in the will, Edgar then decided to speed up the procedure by getting rid of the entire feline family.

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