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Gordon Shumway alias ALF, is the son of Bob and Flo Shumway. He was born on August 28, 1757 on the planet Melmac. On 28 August 1985 (The Melmaciens Live 650 years), Melmac explodes as a result of a nuclear war. Gordon managed to flee into a spacecraft just before the terrible catastrophe. Lost in space, he wanders a long time before crashing on Earth on a garage at 167 Hemdale Street in Los Angeles, where the Tanners live. The latter is a peaceful family of American commuters . When Gordon was unable to repair his ship, the Tanners, who called him Alf (Alien life Form), agreed to host him for life. The Tanners are going to hide Alf from the eyes of everyone, so that this little furry being, not more than 1.20 feet, becomes a lab animal. But Alf wants to understand everything that's going on on his new planet and this messes up the life of the Tanners. The latter will soon understand that hiding a Melmacien is not an easy thing, but his kindness and ignorance of earthly customs makes him endearing, despite his zany ideas (such as wanting to eat cats, these being considered A delicious dish on Melmac) that regularly leads the family in complicated even desastrous situations for ALF.

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