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The former survivor of the first snake war, Sensei Wu, owns 4 gold weapons. We will learn later that they were entrusted to Wu by the father of Kai and Nya after his death who himself received them from the master of Spinjitzu. Cole is his first disciple. Wu has had another student before him, to whom he offers the fake land: it's Moro. After, Wu meets Jay and Zane: the first is a blue ninja who master the lightning and the second is a white ninja and titanium who master the ice. The Sensei ends up finding Kai and his sister Nya: the first is a red ninja who masters the fire and his sister is a samurai X then ninja who controls water. So they have to deal with several enemies (Digital Overlord, Serpentine Tribes, Chen, Garmadon, Moro, etc.) to save Ninjago.

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