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Frozen is Disney's hit movie released in late 2013. It was made by the same team as Rapunzel. His first broadcast took place just after this great success Rapunzel and Ailers, Frozen 2 or Frozen 2 in English, should do the display soon in your cinemas. In one fantasy kingdom, princess Elsa and her sister Anna live in the same castle of Arendelle, but since the young age of Anna, the two sisters speak very little without knowing why. Until the day a tragic event occurs, the death of their parents. They discover that they had gone to seek assistance to help Elsa, who has great magical powers that she can not control again. This powerful ability allows him to control snow and ice. The inhabitants of his kingdom must not know this gift because, they will believe that she's a witch. Princess Anna, a bold and courageous girl, who will not hesitate to brave danger with his friends Olaf, Kristoff, Sven for save his sister The Frozen

This story is based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson. In this captivating adventure of the Snow Queen, nothing can be predicted what will happen. One would think to know what will happen but, a Turnaround we really have everything wrong. We will discover who is the real only at the end of the film. So it's an incredible, emotional and educational movie where the surprise effect is present from the beginning until the end. There are serious lessons in family that makes the film even more interesting for parents and their children to teach them good manners in life. Children will not be tired of watching this movie, so it's worth buying. For music, we find the popular song "Let it go", an easy song, catchy and easy to memorize, especially since she has played extensively on the radio until today. In the wonderful world of Disney , we often talk about love of the princess with her Charming Prince but, The Frozen is not just a girl from a movie ". History, special effects, adventure, magical powers,snow monsters and wolves make this adventure exciting and enjoyable to watch for the whole family. The characters are endearing, they have each a little something special and unique that defines them well, be it humor, sarcasm, honesty, courage or innocence. If you have not seen the movie "Frozen" yet, take the time to watch this high quality film both visually and musically.

And finally, in this section of the site, you will find the best coloring pages of the Snow Queen in this most wonderful Disney universe & nbsp ;: coloring of the Snow Queen, his sister Anna, coloring of Olaf, Kristoff and his best friend Sven, actually all those endearing characters of Frozen. This musical adventure is a fun, vibrant masterpiece to the sound of music captivating young and old. Discover the drawings now.

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