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The Spider-Man is a character that already exists in comics, even before movies and animated series. Created by Stan Lee, he made his first appearance in 1962 in a comic book. Thanks to the success of the comic, Spider-Man had since 1963 his own series called "The Amazing Spider-Man", followed by animated series and of course movies in series. Identifiable thanks to his black and red outfit that makes him look like the spider, the spider-man is one of the most beloved superheroes and best known of small children, especially boys. It has superhuman powers, such as the ability to move on vertical walls, a singular force, a well-developed sixth sense that allows it to predict danger before the rest of the world and of course its famous spiderweb that he throws at will. Then find Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in this category of coloring dedicated to the spider-man. Have fun !

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