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It's Christmas and it's so cold outside. We made all the necessary preparations, we brought in fir, decorated our house, receive our gifts but something is missing.

Yes, we need the turkey now. Mom cooks the delicious turkey and we meet on the table to share this tradition of Christmas.

Turkey is one of the most traditional dishes of the United States. . This meal can be held any time starting from the evening of the reception of Christmas to the evening of the day of the Christmas. The meal is particularly rich but it can differ from one cultureto another .

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Historically, before the turkey , the Christmas tradition included a rookie swan, pheasants and peacocks. A traditional meal was a a pork head decorated with fruits. It was the King of England, Henry VIII, who was the first who entered cooking turkey as the christmas meal.

Then Edward VII added a fashionable aspect to eating turkey during the christmas.

Christmas turkey representats originally a religious ritual celebrating the day of the Christian feast. But in a more symbolic sense of the Christmas turkey, it's a part of the family gathering and an opportunity to share a fascinating experience and a delicious meal of course. >

Nothing is better than this opportunity to savor what our moms are preparing and meeting together at the table exchanging jokes and laughs; by lovingly digesting the delicious turkey prepared by our moms. And in return, we can prepare a greeting card to our mothers to thank them for her efforts.

The christmas turkey is an opportunity that reminds us of the generosity of the feast. But especially the importance of having our beloved family around us. This is a memory to retain and an opportunity to wait.

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