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But how did the christmas begin? in history?

In fact, Christmas is a feast that takes place every year on December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus. One day before. Advent, which marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The christmas is a festive day in Western countries and is considered to be & Agrave; both as a religious and cultural feast.

The most popular modern customs of the day are: gift giving, completing an advent calendar or advent wreath, music and Christmas carols, a special Christmas card, a special meal and to display various Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, Christmas candles and crowns.

Well, Enjoy the Christmas tree with candles and petanques, the Christmas gifts offered by the generous father of Noah, the man of Snow and many other fun activities deserve to be remembered and memories that bring back great memories.

No> The christmas is an opportunity to gather the family around, a family that deserves to be united all over the world.

We are celebrating Christmas because we want to remember the spiritual atmosphere of the feast. remembering the birth of Jesus is a memory of the past, but also a promise of a colorful future.
More than the religious aspect of the feast, it is an excellent opportunity to break cultural boundaries; to build relationships with people around us, whether they are friends, family members or neighbors; this is the opportunity to participate; a common experience in which we can participate; the decoration of the house, & gt; the supply of Christmas tree, & rdquo; the preparation of Christmas candles, & gt; It offers nice gifts for kids or even kids. Christmas turkey. This is the best opportunity to share a joke about a funny or inviting our closest friends in our homes.
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